TrafficSwirl is the most entertaining manual traffic exchange at the moment. Play random games, win cash and credits and promote your website for free. You can find treasure chests containing great prizes while surfing and you can win those chests on the rapid win game, a nice lottery. Besides there is one special game on every day of the week like the Cash Monday, the Treasure Tuesday, the shell game and ticket drawing. The default surf timer is eight seconds, but you can earn upgrades to reduce this value.

The site EasyHits4U is one of the best manual traffic exchanges of all time. There is a very large amount of active users and several options for promoting your website and earning money. It is also a social network, where you have your own profile page where you can post your links and connect to other users. The surf timer varies from 15 to 20 seconds.

The traffic exchange TopHits4U is supporting ClickTrackProfit (CTP). So you will be able to earn additional money and nice CTP trophies, just give it a try, it is worth it. There is an active community with over 50.000 members, two progressive cash jackpots, great bonus rewards, free account upgrades and much more to discover. Promote your site for free with TE, banner and text ads.

The manual traffic exchange You2Surf provides PTC ads, great games like ViralTrafficGames, bingo and lottery and surf rewards for promoting your website and earning cash. You can get many Zubees from there, including the silver, gold and diamond coins, the treasure hunter and the emerald hunter game.

The traffic generating network Hits4Surfers provides a great traffic exchange for your website with a dynamically rising surf ratio up to 1:1 and an eight seconds timer. Also featuring banner and texts ads and a weekly cash jackpot. The time you have to stay on each website is eight seconds then you have to click one of four icons to continue surfing.

The website promotion platform TrafficG features a targeted traffic exchange with an exceptional surf ratio of 1:1 and a 12 seconds timer. This means, that you will get one credit for every page you surf. Besides there is a banner exchange with many active users. You can promote unlimited websites and banners and you will get a free personal promotion page.

On the HitSafari you can promote your website for free. There is an active TE with great random prices and jackpots, banner ads and text ads. The surfbar timer is set to six seconds and the surf ratio is 2:1.

ILoveHits is a traffic exchange site that has an exceptional short one second surfbar timer. There is a big community with over 160.000 members and you can join the live chat and connect to other users while surfing.

The open social traffic exchange HitLink generates manual traffic to your website and can also be used for earning money, social networking and branding. You will get a profile page, to post your site links and to connect to other users. There is a regular surfbar with a six seconds timer and a cash prize surfbar with a 15 seconds timer where you can win additional cash prizes.

The TE Traffic-Splash enables very good promotion options for your website. You can earn and buy TE credits, text and banner ads. You can also earn cash here and transfer it to your PayPal account when you reached the minimum payment amount of 10$.